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18 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK
(+44) 871.075.0336
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What we do?


Designed and built with care

Thinking Box gives you everything you need to create an amazing business. Designed with care filled with innovative flair.


Workshops that work!

Handpicked workshops that make the biggest difference to the world of work. It’s all about changing mindsets, the rest is easy.

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Our why: The reason we do what we do..

A belly full of fire

Everything we do is focused on challenging the status quo by thinking differently through the principles of business design. We do this by making sure we are simple to work with, transparent and only offer products that have been distinctively  designed through hours of validation.

We want to work together in changing the course of your business. Our goal is to work with people who believe in what we believe.

Under promise and over deliver.

Changing direction with care

We expect you to lead and teach us, whilst we focus on the 5 principles that help us understand you as a customer:

    1. Build a clear, objective customer journey map
    2. Understand your strategic values as a company
    3. Take you away from your comfort zone
    4. Link employee culture to your target market
    5. Build a shared vision

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Work shops!


Dreamer to a doer.


Innovation through technology.


Strategic planning.


Numbers = Decision making.


Systems of intelligence.


Dreamer to a doer.


1 to 1.


We think it is important to design things with a kind of personality.


Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.


Designs of purely willful nature cannot be expected to last long.