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Changing the rules of the game

We stitch together key concepts from design thinking, the business model canvas, and strategic road mapping to take evolve ideas whether it’s the initial spark or in a position to grow and scale. We use these models to conceptualise your business today and mark them against market trends and seek out avenues of value in the context of your company.

By the end, we expect you to take away a strategic road map that will navigate you to become a serious player in your industry.

Your in safe hands with over 500 business models used to get used to navigating us to where we need to be.


Creating your brand DNA for the future.

We believe its a little more than just a logo and some attractive colours. We home in on creating a brand identity that is matched up with your vision and goals. We love focusing on the customer journey and what makes your target market tick. We want you to step out of your shoes and step in to those of your customer. A simply, yet effective exercise like this will help us map out the customer journey to find the value your business needs. 

We marry this up with a focus around digital transformation to keep intact with changing times by future proofing your business.


Water our crop to help them grow.

A unique model based on 300 resilience model that challenges the issues around staff retention and training. A two prong approach that looks at driving down the cost on your business through staff wastage (those leaving employment).

We help find staff through a statically proven model that will help marry up the right candidate for the role. Oh and if this wasn’t enough, we can focus on your existing staff to find gaps in skill sets that can be build on through training and mentoring to improve engagement and the likelihood of staff retention.

Research indicates the capital saving to retrain and retain a staff member against losing a staff member went into the thousands, the only question that remains is why wouldn’t you?

Team building

Rule 1: We need to have fun!

Sometimes it’s about putting down the books and learning through fun team building exercises that have core values relating back to your business. With the time we spend with our co-workers, the benefits of investing time in team-building cannot be overemphasised.

Our fun (yet productive) learning focuses on:

  1. Motivating the work culture
  2. Problem-solving and decision making
  3. Responsive and meaningful communication
  4. Out of the box thinking
  5. Boosting employee morale
  6. Increasing productivity and performance

Our principle is underpinned with the idea that an emotional connection with learning has an increased likelihood of sticking, it’s as simple as that!

Community outreach

Investing now, for the future.

We get a huge amount of satisfaction in rolling our sleeves up and focusing on community projects that offer opportunities to those around us that need it the most. Initially set up to focus on grass root levels by challenging the status quo by raising the aspirations of young children from deprived backgrounds to give them the best opportunity for the future.

Our projects also span across to the rehabilitation for offenders that want to re-engage back with the community by supporting a gap in relevant skill sets and housing options to help them back on their feet. Our primary objective is to reduce re-offending. Together anything is possible.

Join the movement in supporting the community by getting in touch for volunteering options!